Behavioral Biology Lab


Undergraduate Courses



SOSC 12200

This undergraduate course is one of the Core Courses in the Social Sciences Division and provides a general introduction to the concepts and methods of psychological research.


Primate Behavior and Ecology

BIOS 23248, CHDV 21800, EVOL 37300

This course explores the behavior and ecology of nonhuman primates with emphasis on their natural history and adaptation to the environment. Specific topics include methods for the study of primate behavior, history of primate behavior research, foraging, predation, demography and dispersal, evolution of social and mating systems, affiliation, aggression, sexual behavior, parenting, development, communication, and cognition.



Evolution and Economics of Human Behavior

BIOS 29265, CHDV 27950, 37950

This course explores how evolutionary biology and behavioral economics explain many different aspects of human behavior. Specific topics include evolutionary theory, natural and sexual selection, game theory, cost-benefit analyses of behavior from an evolutionary and a behavioral economics perspective, aggression, power, dominance and leadership, experimental economic games of cooperation and competition, biological markets, parental investment, life history, and risk-taking, love and mating, physical attractiveness and the labor market, emotion and motivation, sex and consumer behavior, cognitive biases in decision-making, and personality and psychopathology.



Graduate Courses


Biopsychology of Attachment

CHDV 34900, PSYC 34900, EVOL 37100

This course explores parent-child attachment from a biological and evolutionary perspective.  Part I focuses on maternal and paternal attachment and includes: neuroendocrine regulation of maternal and paternal behavior in rodents, nonhuman primates and humans; sensitive periods and mother-infant bonding in animals and humans. Part II focuses on human infant attachment and includes: Bowlby-Ainsworth attachment theory, normative aspects of attachment and individual differences in attachment, internal working models of attachment, cross-cultural studies of attachment, attachment and adult romantic relationships, and attachment and psychopathology.


Evolutionary Psychology

 CHDV 37800, PSYC 37800, EVOL 37400

In this graduate seminar we will read and discuss articles in which evolutionary theory has been applied to different aspects of human behavior and social life such as: developmental sex differences in behavior and cognition, cooperation and altruism, competition and aggression, physical attractiveness and mating strategies, incest avoidance and marriage, sexual coercion, parenting and child abuse, language and cognition, and psychological and personality disorders.



Publications, Grants, and the Academic Job Market

CHDV 48412

In this graduate seminar we will discuss how to write and publish scientific articles, prepare grant applications, write CVs and job applications, and give job talks and interviews. In other words, everything you always wanted to know about being successful in academia but were afraid to ask.


Mind and Biology Proseminar I, II, III

 PSYC 38000, PSYC 38100, PSYC 38200

This graduate seminar is taught with the other faculty members of the Institute for Mind and Biology. We typically meet the first Monday of every month and present and discuss ongoing research projects in our laboratories.


Research Seminar in Human Behavioral Biology  I, II, III

Coming soon.