Dario Maestripieri is a Professor at The University of Chicago, where he
    teaches and conducts research on the biological bases of social behavior
    in human and nonhuman primates.

    In addition to his scientific research, Dario Maestripieri writes articles and books
    for a broader audience.

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      Games Primates Play
      An Undercover Investigation of the Evolution
      and Economics of Human Relationships
      by Dario Maestripieri
      Basic Books, 2012

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             Improbable antics:                 Primate behavior and misbehavior               Macachiavellian Intelligence:
            Notes by a gorilla guru                   in Michael Crichton's Congo                  How rhesus macaques and  
             by Dario Maestripieri                         by Dario Maestripieri                         humans have conquered the
            In: King Kong is Back!              In: The Science of Michael Crichton                         the world               
               Edited by David Brin                      Edited by Kevin Grazier                           by Dario Maestripieri
             BenBella Books, 2005                     BenBella Books, 2008                    University of Chicago Press, 2007      
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